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Jennifer Warnes by David Rubin and Bettina Hagen
Christmas 2017
Bruce Dent
San Jacinto Mountains
September 2017
Dear Friends,
I have contributed a new recording of "The Water is Wide" to this documentary, included in the Audio Player below.
I am deeply honored to be a part of this film. The noticeable changes in content of the Pacific waters where I grew up, have been a source of great sadness to me. The sea is where I go to regenerate. My people are surfers, fishermen, boat lovers, seaweed eaters, coastal dwellers and sunset watchers. My musician friends write about the sea, sing about it, banish our blues in it. For our children and grandchildren, it's time to change. Please watch this documentary, and do what you can to help.
Enduring love,
A Plastic Ocean Trailer
A Plastic Ocean - Trailer
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August 15, 2017
Bruce Dent
With Bernie Grundman and Noah Snyder.
At Bernie Grundman’s today, putting final touches on the album.
February 2017

With Roy Orbison's landmark all-star 'Black & White Night' long form video being re-released in new format, Jennifer Warnes reveals its influence on Leonard Cohen.
January 8, 2017
Famous Blue Raincoat - 33-rpm 180-gram vinyl LP
Famous Blue Raincoat is in The Absolute Sound's top ten vinyl list for 2016.
The Absolute Sound is the number one audiophile music publication which is also available online.
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Impex Records
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January 1, 2017
Sharing some happy memories.
Elizabeth Annas

Dee Lippingwell

Photos taken Dec. 7, 2015
Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

Bruce Dent
Thank you dear comrade, for the grandness of it all.
With enduring love,
June 21, 2016

Dear friends,
Thank you for your prayers and good wishes for my beautiful friend Leo, a Canadian golden retriever who passed away yesterday.
My fifteen years with this elegant, gentle creature has taught me more lessons than anything I have learned through music.
These years have been my happiest, most glorious and most healing ones, mostly because of Leo’s calming presence in a sometimes chaotic world.
I will miss him terribly. Those who have bonded with an animal know what I feel, it’s a different kind of loss than losing a human.
Leo’s other parents, Terry and Joan Feller, helped me record a new album this last year, by caring for Leo when I needed to be out of town.
Thank you to them for their unflinching love and care which made life with Leo possible. Thank you also to the many caregivers and friends who tended to Leo’s needs over the years, especially to Ron Swallow, Goldunn Kennels and to all the beautiful ones who freely gave Leo their love.

With gratitude,
Jennifer and Leo

March 21, 2016

Jennifer Warnes' classic 2001 album The Well, receives a long overdue North American re-issue on March 18th, 2016.
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February 3, 2015

  A "re-mastered in Japan" version of my Reprise album --- created around 1971-72 in California with the original title "Jennifer" not "Jennifer Warnes" --- was released on compact disc in 2013. Warner Bros in Japan has taken some liberties with this album without my participation, so forgive me if I have mixed feelings about this one. With all due respect to the remastering engineer, Mr. Isao Kikuchi seems to have listened carefully to the music. His changes did not make this album worse, but he made it different.

  There is something fundamentally wrong about changing an artists work without permission or approval. That said, I'm grateful my friends can finally hear something somewhat close to the intent of the original because this project languished in WB vaults for four decades.
I owe sincere thanks to folks at the Reprise archive library. Master tapes can deteriorate over time. The timely clones created by Reprise librarians made Mr. Kikuchi’s work possible. I thank them. During the era that this album was created, Lowell George, Ry Cooder, Van Dyke Parks and Randy Newman were among many "boy kings" at Warner Bros and Reprise. My producer John Cale was enjoying solo success there with "Paris 1919"--still one of my favorite albums. The greats --- Wilton Felder, Spooner Oldham, Jim Horn, Russ Kunkel, Sneaky Pete, Ritchie Hayward, Gene Page and Nick DeCaro helped make these songs come alive. We were blessed by the St. Paul's Boys Choir, and John played a huge pipe organ housed at Whitney Studios. It was an exuberantly creative time. On the last track John asked me to "sing like Vera Lynn during World War II."

  There was a atmosphere of pure freedom making this album, I hear joy in these songs. In subsequent years when cocaine and hard drugs became a part of the recording process, music didn't get better. Music took too long and cost too much. But around 1972, for a brief and beautiful time, I enjoyed some of that same freedom that the "boy kings" were given at Warner Bros/Reprise --- during a time when respecting artists made that company strong. If that cycle ever comes round again, I want to be in the studio to enjoy the renaissance.
Yours forever,
PS. Last time I checked, Amazon sells this CD.

New review by David Rubin:

Review by Joe Viglione:

Thank you David and Joe.
What a relief to know that somebody "gets" what we were doing after all these years.
September 18, 2013

Live concert recording from The Bottom Line in 1977.
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Norman Seeff
February 6, 2013
Visiting Berlin.
All photos by Björn Eismann / Roman Nawka
It was cold...
Acoustic Sounds

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