The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was a socio-politically
groundbreaking television program in the United States during the early 1970s.
All photos courtesy of Jasper Dailey unless otherwise noted.


Dick and Tom Smothers



Tom, Pat, Dick and John


With Donovan, Dick Smothers


With Donovan's father
With Donovan


With Donovan, Dion DiMucci


With Donovan, Tom Smothers

With Donovan


Putter Smith, Terry Paul, John Hartford and Ben Lanzaroni


John Cooke
With Kris Kristofferson


Don Lewis
With John Hartford and Glen Campbell


With John Hartford
Don Lewis                               


Don Lewis
Pat Paulsen


Don Lewis
Location shoots      


With Don Lewis With Cort Casady


Don Lewis
Ken Kragen


Nelson Riddle


With Ken Kragen, George Sunga, Bill Thompson,
Ken Fritz, Tom Smothers, Marty Paitch




Don Lewis




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