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Norman Seeff
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Regarding all requests for autographs, photos and personal communications:
Jennifer Warnes' representatives regret that we do not mail out autographs or photos, nor can we accept submissions of lyrics, prose, music or gifts.
We encourage you to leave your comments about Jennifer's music in the feedback sections at iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.
Your letters/comments may also be posted at The Jennifer Warnes Fan Page on Facebook.
As our gift to you, you may download at no cost, a photograph from the link labeled "PDF Press Kit" in the left column.

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May I send music to Ms. Warnes?
  For our protection and yours, we cannot accept unsolicited submissions of intellectual, musical or creative material.
Why should I purchase the newly re-mastered 24 KARAT GOLD EDITION compact discs of Jennifer's albums, when I already own the original versions which are terrific?
A 24 karat gold edition compact disc is one in which gold is used in place of the super purity aluminum commonly used as the reflective coating on ordinary CDs. The gold coats more evenly and reacts with oxygen slower, thus reducing CD rot and providing greater longevity. Gold is much easier to spray than Aluminum, so it coats the polycarbonate layer of the CD better, resulting in less "pincushioning" and a cleaner signal back to the player. Most "24 karat gold edition compact discs" have been completely remastered and in some cases remixed, which accounts for the improvement in sound quality. 24 karat gold edition compact discs can be played in any CD player.
Famous Blue Raincoat Twentieth Anniversary Edition and The Hunter and The Well, have been re-mastered by Bernie Grundman from Jennifer's own analog master tapes. The Gold encoding layer is more smooth and flat than the standard compact disc's aluminum layer, offering more accurate playback and greater definition on all CD players. Famous Blue Raincoat Twentieth Anniversary Edition 24 karat gold and The Well 24 karat gold each include four never before released tracks. Also featured are deluxe, hardcover book-style packaging with improved photographic elements and notes not included in the non-gold Famous Blue Raincoat Twentieth Anniversary Edition CD release.
How can I find albums by Jennifer that are no longer available in the stores?
Try Amazon, CDNow, eBay and other music retail outlets on the Web.
Jennifer's career covers a variety of companies, and many of these original companies have merged with others. One has to be diligent in the search for old product. On our discography page, we have listed most of the originally released versions of her work, and some additional information for collectors. We appreciate your assistance in keeping our database up-to-date and accurate. So let our webmaster know if you have new information to add.
We've had many requests for a comprehensive compilation of Jennifer's best recordings. In the rapidly changing music industry, major labels are now reluctant to share their master license rights with other companies, and this is why a complete collection has not been thus far available. You can find partial compilations on the web, but not comprehensive ones at this time. We hope in the future the major labels will cooperate in creating the ultimate Jennifer Warnes collection. Until this happens, we suggest you create your own personal "Best Of" at home. Email your "track wish list" to us and we will combine it with ours!

See next Q & A below...
How do I choose among the various new and used Jennifer Warnes product available on eBay?
Piracy and counterfeiting are part of the grim landscape of today's record industry.
Much of the Jennifer Warnes product which appears on eBay, particularly that which originates in Germany and the Far East, is badly manufactured counterfeit product with illegally scanned artwork, bogus logos, stickers and purported to be "audiophile" formats. Vendors represent that they offer Famous Blue Raincoat or The Hunter in "digitally re-mastered" or "HDCD" formats. This product is counterfeited from original CD releases. No audio enhancement has been applied. Jennifer has never given authority for any such processing of these products and Jennifer maintains the rights to grant such authority.
We recommend you look carefully for authentic product from reputable vendors.

At our on-line store we offer authentic product: Famous Blue Raincoat - The Twentieth Anniversary Edition (2007), The Hunter (2009), and The Well (2010) available in a 24 karat gold edition compact disc. Famous Blue Raincoat - The Twentieth Anniversary Edition (2007) is also available in regular CD format.

If buying product outside the U. S., Canada, Australia and Britain, be certain you have purchased an import from one of these two companies. Bad pressings and inferior goods come from Germany , the Far East, and other areas.

"Audiophile" 180g vinyl albums and "24 karat gold edition compact discs" of Famous Blue Raincoat bearing the Classic Records and Rock The House logos are, with the exception of two hundred promotional copies, totally illegal product, produced without contractual authority, not identified and surrendered to Jennifer as required by a prior settlement agreement with Classic Records. Please do not buy these.

IMPEX RECORDS is the exclusive authorized distributor of Jennifer's newly re-mastered versions of 24 karat gold special edition The Well, The Hunter and The 20th Anniversary Edition of Famous Blue Raincoat released in three audiophile formats: 33 rpm-180 gram vinyl Limited Edition; 45 rpm vinyl Limited Edition boxed set ; and 24 karat gold special edition CD. Their product is superior.

We care about the quality of the music you purchase, so if any product you buy is unsatisfactory, let us know.

If you have been the victim of counterfeiters or modern-day pirates, or if you suspect a company is making or selling counterfeit goods, please contact the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Immigration and Customs Office at 1-866-999-HALT.
Will you send me a photo of Jennifer?
Go to the Biography page or Link above and click on the PDF Press Kit Button.
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